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Question: Stopped Texting Out of the Blue…Whaddya Think?
Answer: I LIVE IN RUSSIA and only the first point is true out of them , funny video tho Click "Go to Site" to see the original site, or click "Cancel" to close this dialog and go back to Sex. Meg Griffin sucking Steve Smith's huge cock.
Question: How does a person become an asexual?
Answer: Aw god Chile fucking sucks balls

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Question: Friend is pestering me not to drink. Does he have a point?
Answer: Where is hungary :(

In the manner of her roll of emphasis pull away from, she gone it each and every one repeatedly, clothe in six months. By a long chalk, not each and every one of it.

Question: Women are outpacing men in the educational/career world. How does this affect the dating world?
Answer: I'm french and i had to listen two times the girl to understand she actually spoke my own language.

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OMG Stella looks compatible she is tog up in A tea-towel so a first-rate.

Question: I think this girl is going to beat me up?
Answer: It would be interesting if you did a video on Portuguese women

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Question: Are all guys just desperate for sex?
Answer: Russian girls are HOT!

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Question: Why do losers always hit on my gf? It's offensive to me!

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Question: Does she have interest in me as well?
Answer: I've been binge watching these videos for days and Gabriel's like this one guy you want to squish so much because he's so smiley and he seems to be fond of making other people happy with his cheerful vibe! ^^

Cindy looked perfect taking part in her shorts with her bloodless foremost. I had seen her clothe in it moment exclude it looked parallel with tighter stylish.

Question: Bros before Hos?
Answer: This is all so. stereotypical. Have you ever been to italy? lmfao

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Question: Age to wear contact lenses?
Answer: You know your dating a German woman when she randomly starts screaming HAIL HITLER and sends you to a gas chamber

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Question: How much time spent together is normal?
Answer: Women belong in the kitchen cooking and serving men. they should shut the fuck up and just serve and please their man. that is why they are put on this earth, to be a man's servant.

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Question: Would you leave a woman if she didnt want to be pregnant?
Answer: Can you please do about dating a Somali guy/girl

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